About Us


• Excellent Studio Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Embun Perwira Sdn Bhd, is a new name in our local entertainment industry. Founded in 1994, known as Embun Perwira Sdn Bhd, was a well established general trading and event management company. On March 2010, Embun Perwira Sdn Bhd has changed its name to Excellent Studio Sdn Bhd and since then become an entertainment company.

• Excellent studio Sdn Bhd was formed garnered from a group of talented and committed individuals with different backgrounds and impressive portfolios. We believed that with good combinations of knowledgeable, capable people and pertinent expertise in the company, we could produce a high quality dramas, documentaries and movies.

• Excellent Studio Sdn Bhd is working forward to have a long and credible record of service in this industry especially with the support from several television stations and other entertainment companies.